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Grumpy Neopians

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This community is for Grumpy Neopians! I know that there are communities for Neopets out there & this community is in no way meant to challenge them. The purpose of this community is to vent about your Neopets experience without any rules. Share your stories about your annoying guild members, fellow Neopians, NeoBoard topics, etc. I welcome you to present "hot" topics & debate them with other members! I have but one simple rule:

No advertising for your pet, shop, or guild in any way! (Other communities may advertise here if done so tastefully!)

And for those of you that aren't Neopets players yet-you can follow the banner below to sign up for yourselves! Although after reading some posts in this community you may not get the most positive idea about Neopets!

All Neopets-related images are from Neopets.

Most posts will most likely be friends-only as to protect the opinions of the members although if you don't see it necessary to make your post friends-only then so be it! I've also opened posting to those that are non-members!

Sister community to:

neoelitists Apply today!
neo_icontest Join today!

If any other Neopets communities would like to be "sister communities" please leave me a comment on my personal journal, lch411. buttrflysteph is a moderator & will help me keep the community clear of pet, shop, & guild advertisements!